Cost of Nuclear, per installed MW = $3.9 Million

Cost of Wind, per installed MW = $1.4 million.

IE, for the amount of money that Ontario wants to put into Nuclear power over the next 20 years, we could be generating over twice as much power with wind.  Next time someone says we can’t afford renewables, throw that stat in their face.  

Now, the nay-sayers amongst you will be saying “but Matt, the wind doesn’t blow all the time”, and you’d be right.  On a year over year basis, the wind turbines will generate about half their installed capacity, which still puts us ahead of nuclear.

The best part of this is that this is just the basic numbers, and doesn’t include waste disposal, which will cost at least $24 million, or insurance, which is basically impossible to price, and is basically 100% subsidized by the gov’t, which basically prays that we won’t have an accident.


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16 March 2011