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It’s amazing how the fight has moved from “Wind and solar are pipe dreams” to “Well they can generate some power, but not all” which is also false

Wind can be a replacement, and, with a good transmission system, makes a better baseload generation system (Think:  the wind may not always blow, but is the whole province ever wind-free?) than any gas or nuclear.

With respect to complexity and work.  Doing that math, wind power is *far* less than half the price per installed MW, and at a year over year average of 50-75% peak capacity, actually still works out cheaper per running watt-hour than nuclear.

That does not even factor in the cost of Waste disposal, (estimated at at least $24 million), or liability costs in case something goes wrong.  Ontario’s nuke plants regularly leak tritium into the Great Lakes. 

Nuclear versus wind power - Greater Ottawa
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18 March 2011