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The upshot of their hatred of physics and their refusal to accept the laws concerning how matter and energy interact is that they feel they should be exempt from those laws. They should not have to pay the expense, and they should not have to exercise the care. Governments and police mostly agree, which is why they’ve done their best to bend time and space for drivers. Sure, your SUV takes up lots of space, but even in the most dense cities they’ve made sure there are plenty of voids where only the cars can go. And sure, if you lose control of your SUV you’ll cause all sorts of destruction and mayhem, but at least you won’t be responsible for any of it.

But that’s not enough. If drivers are forced to obey the laws of physics, cyclists should be forced to obey them too–not the laws of physics that govern bikes, but the ones that govern cars. Cyclists should pay money for resources they don’t consume, and they should use an infrastructure designed exclusively for fast-moving vehicles that weigh thousands of pounds. At this point I’m waiting for someone to suggest all cyclists should be forced to tow a trailer that’s at least the size and weight of a Honda Accord.

And most importantly, drivers should never be forced to acknowledge the fact that the “free ride” of a bicycle is also available to them. After all, if we’re getting such a sweet deal you’d think they’d want to get in on it too. I can only assume the reason they don’t is that they’re afraid of other drivers like themselves


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13 September 2016