This is for @gutfrag who writes "Dude, Cook! A recipe for steak tartare, a dish I've loved the idea of since I was young (what can I say, I love raw meat, of all kinds), but never got to try until last year in Quebec City. I wasn't sure it would measure up to those years of expectations, but it was yummy.
But I urge you to make it at home. A lot of folks are worried about bacteria, and with good reason. Poorly handled meat can make you sick. That’s why it’s important to buy whole muscles. Choose the cheapest leanest cut you can find (if you have access to farm raised beef, even better), which is usually top round or eye of round. Bacteria don’t exist on the interior of meat so you only need to deal the the exterior. First, wash your hands, then rinse the meat thoroughly under running water. Then give it a thorough coating of salt—a uniform coating, can’t use too much—for an hour or so, refrigerated. Then rinse it, grind or chop, season and serve


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06 December 2012