Twitter conversation between @adammyerson, @iamtedking et al.  In reverse chronological order.

Ted King @AdamMyerson One, you’re wrong. Part of being a dictator ofstyle is, two, I’m always right. Three, thanks for the DVD. I will study tonight

Sep 29 15:48:40 in reply to

» Adam Myerson @crashlights @iamtedking @resultsboy Well, Teddy, maybe not. Maybe not.

»» Mike Hoover @iamtedking @resultsboy @AdamMyerson the short sleeve skinsuit/long finger glove cx fashion faux pas was the reason u were tagged as aposer

»»» Ted King @resultsboy I hope he was impressed how that poser went so far as to get the team sponsor bike.

»»»» colinr @iamtedking after the race one of the officials commented on howodd it was to see one of those protour poser kits in the elite race.

»»»»» Ted King @resultsboy: As predicted, the bar cam at night didn’treally work. But every once in a while it did. He looks fast.

Followed up with

 Adam Myerson @iamtedking It’s not your fault you didn’t know there was already an arbiter of cyclo-cross style. You’re new around here. Happy to help.

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30 September 2011