Even worse, it turns out getting a moon-sized project back on track requires the personal presence of a Sith Lord. Let me assure you, if your project’s success depends on hiring someone whose first name is Darth, you’ve got a problem. Not just because Sith Lords are make-believe, but also because they’re evil.

Also see the @DeathStarPR rebuttal.

Anyway, like YOU’RE so amazing. We took a look at some of YOUR operational shortcomings, Mr. Perfectagon. We even made it into a LIST to make it really simple for you. You:

Are made of bricks. Nice impenetrable defensive system!

Don’t have any shield generators on nearby forest moons.

Can’t reach lightspeed.

Can’t even FLY AT ALL. LAME.

House no planet destroying superlasers, or even a single turbolaser battery.

Can’t disguise yourself as a small moon.

The best article in "Defense AT&L" ever
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29 September 2011