Has done it again.  Except worse this time. 

For a month or so, We've gone to the dog park, and played with a beautiful half-husky/half-lab puppy called Sam, sam was a sweet, feisty four month old puppy, and when we chatted with the owner, we found out that the owner was, in fact, fostering him on behalf of the Ottawa Humane Society.  A few weeks ago, we were chatting with the Sam's foster-mom, and she was saying that she was thinking about giving Sam back to the Humane Society.  She was going to be taking care of her parents older dog, and she was assured by the Humane Society that they would find a good home for Sam quickly.  She was agonizing over the decision, but based on the assurances of the Humane Society, she gave him back, thinking that he would be better off.

Instead, we found a note posted on the fence of the dog park today, saying that she had returned Sam to the Humane Society, and the dog failed the aggression test, and was put to death. This was *not* in any way an aggressive dog. The Humane society's aggression tests are notoriously unreliable

They killed Sam, over the protests of the owner, who pleaded to be allowed to take him back.

I'll see if I can get more of Sam's owner's story, but *please*, let people know about this, and write to ohs@ottawahumane.ca telling them of their outright fraud.  This cannot now be reversed, but this is the second time that this has happened.  I don't want it to happen again. I'm terribly sad, and angry, and I feel powerless to do anything more.

Reform the OHS


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20 April 2008