Reading through this article on "Open Source, 10 years after", I was reading Larry Augustin (head of VA), Russ Nelson, and others bemoan the state of the Linux desktop space. All of them wanting more consumer adoption of linux on the desktop. Then I see this by Paul Vixie.

Consumers have been sheep-eating whatever Microsoft and Apple feed them, letting themselves be milked as a recurring revenue source based on habit and coolness factor and inertia rather than on competitive value.

So, according to Paul Vixie, because I use an Apple at home and iPod, and dare to use the iTunes Music Store, I'm a sheep.

I think I found a pretty good reason why Linux doesn't have any desktop market. Insulting your potential customers and calling them sheep is not the best way to get them you use your product.

Apple has put a lot of work into making products and services that people want to use. It's hard, and they've done a much better job than Linux. Same with Microsoft.

I've been using Linux on the Desktop for the entire ten years since "Open Source" was coined. In many ways,


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20 April 2008