I use del.icio.us to use as a general bookmarking site. It's great for when I come across something I want to reference later, or read later, or blog about later. I've been using it somewhat promiscuously, making up tags or using ones that other people had used. Consequently, I have hundreds of tags, which decreases the usefulness, IMO. Luckily, del.icio.us has a great, easy to use API reference that makes it easy to write a quick ruby script that makes batch tag renames easy. I wrote up the quick little ruby script. This changes every tag from macosx to mac. To change the tags, I just changed the first variables in the script.

require 'net/https'

old_tag = "macosx"
new_tag = "mac"

http = Net::HTTP.new('api.del.icio.us', 443)
http.use_ssl = true
http.start do |http|
request = Net::HTTP::Get.new("/v1/tags/rename?old=#{old_tag}&new=#{new_tag}")
request.basic_auth('mattrose', 'foobar')
response = http.request(request)
puts response.body

This is of course a long way of saying, that, while I was going through delicious, I found this, and this guy speaks for me when it comes to office politics


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10 January 2008