Ted has been secondarying my mail for me for almost as long as the folkwolf has been around, it's a great service when the folkwolf becomes unavailable, as mail queues up on his machine.

So if you get spam, and you happen to see headers that say it was relayed by bombshelter.ca, PLEASE don't report it to rogers, because it gets him in shit.

> Note: forwarded message attached.
> Matt, apparenlty someone's decided that my relaying
> for you is a spam. Can you fixie? Maybe I shouldn't be
> listed as your relay anymore?

I'm sorry, I'm not sure what to do. Tell rogers that as the postmaster of
folkwolf.net, I agreed to accept any mail that you relay to me as my
secondary, and I'll tell my users that your mail server is supposed to
relay mail to me, and not to bitch to rogers if they see your mail server
in the header path.

> Ted


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22 June 2005