I'm thinking of renaming this the IKEA-blog, and have it be entirely links to IKEA, the sociology and psychology of IKEA-Lovers and IKEA-haters. I think it would be fascinating, but ah, why bother, I have a life. Instead I give you this nice Guardian article instead, from which I also give you a quote.

Flatpack meant making things so cheap, in fact, that furniture, instead of accumulating emotional weight as it was passed down the generations, would come to seem transient and disposable - and that one recent soggy Saturday, in a seethingly crowded branch of Ikea at Brent Park, north London, a young couple would gaze at a Lack sidetable, and then, with fond exasperation, at each other, and have the following conversation:

"But it's only £8."

"But we don't need it."

"But it's only £8!"

"But we don't ... OK. Whatever. Whatever."


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12 July 2004