Clara Hughes is awesome.  She inspired me to take up Speed Skating, and is also an amazing writer and an inspiring all-round person.  When she puts up a piece of writing, I have high expectations, and they’re always met or surpassed.

This time, she blew my expectations away.  When I say to people that cycling is a team sport, people often look at me like I have two heads.  I try and explain tactics, and effort, and drafting, and it all falls apart, and people just shake their head, and walk away, unenlightened.

With one simple anecdote, she explains beautifully how and why she went on the attack in Fleche Wallonne, and how that helped Evie Stevens win the race.  With typical modesty, she doesn’t mention that Marianne Vos had to chase her because she could easily have won and Vos knew it.

Clara Hughes explains how Cycling is a team sport.
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20 April 2012