I started blogging long before the term was well-known and on TV.  It all grew out of my desire to share stuff I found online with my friends.  It started out as plain html,  just prepending stuff to a page and trying to add the date.  Since then, it’s progressed from a database-backed PHP site (wordpress), to a full on ruby on rails, to a hosted site (tumblr), and now I’m back to, pretty much, plain HTML (tho with some tech on the backend)

I’ve consistently broken all the rules for blogging, like “focus on one topic” or “post daily” and 10 years later, I still have 0 followers.

Most of my early posts are gone in an HD crash from about 9 years ago, but I’m shocked how many I was able to suck out of various blog engines and hosted sites.

The formatting sucks, and there’s a lot of weird character translations, but, a good chunk of my life, both online and off is on this page

10 years of Folkwolf.net
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04 February 2012