[–]Rollingsound514 1150 points 5 days ago
Do you really edit the whole thing yourself? I heard Joe Rogan talk about your process on his podcast and wasn’t sure his description was accurate. He basically stated you just sit there on a macbook and do the whole show start to finish? If this is the case, good job!
[–]iamlouisckLouis CK[S] 2086 points 5 days ago
yeah I do the whole thign. On season 1 I had an editor and we shared it about half. But season two i edited without any help. It was fucking hard. and yes, i sit at the macbook and just put it together from start frame to finish.
[–]woomobile 1972 points 5 days ago
That’s insane. You’re a talented motherfucker.
[–]iamlouisckLouis CK[S] 2755 points 5 days ago
shut up.
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18 December 2011