see, now, to the bean counters that makes a warped kind of sense: that
600 lbs., in their tiny little bean counter brains, somehow equals (at
the FAA-standard presumed weight per passenger of 189 lbs.) 3.17 more
passengers per video system removed i.e. INCREASED REVENUE! if you
don’t show movies. Nevermind that you cannot smash those 3.17
passengers into the now-vacated video cabinet, that’s somebody else’s

Not to worry though, another Bean Counter will come along and the
light bulb will go off in their tiny little bean counter brains and
they will suggest “you know, if we moved every seat row an inch closer
together we can fit those extra few seat in the back end and voila!, i
get coffee & doughnuts tomorrow for my brilliance!”

And who will these insular little cretins sell their bizzaro-logic
ideas to for approval? An executive who, if they don’t fly personal
corporate jets to get around in the first place, if they DO deign to
fly the airline they themselves run, they most certainly *never* fly
Economy. The Bean Counter’s boss’s boss’s boss brings the idea to the
big guy, and he says “Sounds good, let’s do it.”

Meanwhile the passenger base flees as fast as it can to the likes of
JetBlue, Virgin, and SWA, because their legs don’t go numb during those
flights, and they get to watch “30 Rock”. And US Air is simply
befuddled, and *cannot* figure out why their planes are only 72% full,
while the other guys are going out with full boats because they may
actually give a care about the quality-of-life experience of the
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06 December 2011