Some of the best memories in my life are of this very neighborhood of SF.  

When I first moved down to SF, I was staying at a tiny little hostel on Sacramento in between Montgomery and Kearny, almost exactly where the Financial District, meets Chinatown, meets North Beach.  the hostel room had 20 other people in it, and, while I had to go to work every morning, everyone else there was on vacation.  I would generally go out with whatever Aussies were passing through that night, and usually head down to Vesuvio, or Specs, across the street for some beers to help me sleep.

Then in ‘04 or ‘05 or so, Liz and I decided to go to San Francisco for a few days before heading out to Burning Man.  We ended up staying in the Green Tortoise Annex, just off Broadway, and had a great time.  One night we went to City Lights and bought about $300 worth of books, wandered down the road to the SF Brewing Co, and drank beer and read books.  

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27 October 2011