I sent this link to George Takei and Stephen Wicary over twitter, but it took me a damn long time to find it, so here I immortalize the paragraph and link

 When I hear the phrase “lifestyle choice,” I visualize a couple of tanned, toned, and mustachioed men sitting around reading brochures so they can make a truly informed choice. On one brochure, a suburban family piles into a cream-colored SUV on the way to Wal-Mart to stock up on toilet paper and Pringles. On the other brochure, a crew of oiled-up muscle studs in Speedos sip from coconuts at a pool party while the DJ takes it up a notch. After browsing through both brochures, one guy finally says to the other, “Mario? I think we should make the gay lifestyle choice after all.”

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24 October 2011