I got on their mailing list years ago back when they were originally at the WTO riots, when we were on the nettime mailing list, mainly full of Eastern European radical anarchists.  ( I have a story back in the archives about that, that I should dig up ).  Anyhoo, I get fun email like this from them.

Dear Friend,

You’re on the Yes Men mailing list, which means you’ve probably seen some of our corporate crime-fighting mischief. Now it’s time to spring into action yourself—by becoming Best Friends Forever (BFFs) with the 1% who have wrecked the economy and left us with the bill.

Visit www.occupytheboardroom.org to find hundreds of available 1%ers today; then figure out how to reach them. The idea is to reveal, through hilarious action (like that phone call to Gov. Walker, for instance), something about your new 1% BFF and their nasty, people-destructive practices.

There are many ways to do this. There’s the telephone, of course, and there’s email. Or how about giving them an award, or paying them a visit in costume? For more suggestions, go pick your new BFF now! Whatever you do, make it revealing, nonviolent, and funny; document it well, and email images, video, audio or text to bff@occupytheboardroom.org. The funniest interactions, that reveal the most about the 1% (or just your particular BFF), will win prizes.

This isn’t easy to do—but then neither is sleeping out in the rain, let alone digging ourselves out of the mess that the 1% have created.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Your friends at The Yes Lab

p.s. This is a big project by a whole bunch of people.

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17 October 2011