My Response to Ken Gray’s blog posting

I read that Robert Fowler article, but I thought the title should be “Grumpy old man thinks young people are ruining society”  Why am I not surprised to see you with a blog post that could have the same headline?

The fact is, neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives are speaking to issues that young people care about. Even the NDP is seen as a bunch of hide-bound Union activists amongst younger voters.  Younger voters care deeply about Social Justice, the environment and education.  Are any of these issues on the radar of the Liberals or the (Hah!) Conservatives?  

The parties that do engage younger voters are seen as fringe parties, and voting for one of them is seen as “throwing away your vote”.  Why bother going all the way to the polling station to throw something away?

Andrew Jeanes linked to this talk by Dave Meslin that addresses some other points that are brought up by Fowler and Gray, and even has some suggestions on fixing it.

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03 November 2010