My brother-in-law has, I swear, been trying to goad me for the past couple of days over twitter. Actually, I'm probably just personalizing, but it's funnier this way. Also, because of the well-known limitations of twitter, I could only post this as a response.

This phrase from Matt Asay's latest entry is what really drew my ire

Google, in short, is what open source wants to be when it grows up

I think it's the other way around. Google is the first sign of a "grown-up" Open Source ecosphere. It's one of the big, otherwise unnoticed differentiators between Web 1.0, and web2.0. Web 1.0 was built on big SUN servers running Solaris, and Oracle. Google was thrown on a bunch of commodity hardware running Linux, with python as glue-code.

Matt Asay's got it backwards. Google is not what Open Source wants to be. Google is a sign of Open Source's maturity.


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22 June 2009