I have great news, Liz and I are going to be riding after all. 200km from Toronto to Niagara Falls this Saturday and Sunday.

How can this be you ask, have you met your fund-raising totals? Well we have not yet met the $2500 we are required to raise but we have received and extension and therefore we can ride!

It was the fantastic financial and emotional support, we have received throughout this adventure which had allowed our continued commitment.

For those of you who have donated thank you very much, I appreciate it and am overwhelmed by individuals generosity.

For those of you who are considering a donation, let me reiterate that the money goes to the Princess Margaret Hospital, one of the leading cancer fighting hospital in Canada.

To donate to Matt:

To donate to Liz:

Anything would help, forward this if you are so inclined,
Thank you,
Matt and Liz

P.S. we have raised almost $1000 each and thank you all.


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11 June 2009