Well in Two weeks Liz and I are scheduled to ride our bikes from Toronto to Niagara Falls. This is to raise money for the Princess Margaret Hospital and their cancer research and fighters. We will not be able to ride unless we raise enough money, sadly it looks as though we will fall short. I know many of you saw Liz and I at Kelpfest this year, riding a stationary bike, during each show. This was part of our fund-raising efforts and along with being good training it was great fun.

Please help Liz and I realize our fund-raising goals and help us to ride to conquer cancer.

To donate to Liz, you can go to


and to donate to me, you can either go to


or if you have a facebook account, you can go to my facebook profile and click on the Donate Now button in the ride to conquer cancer box


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01 June 2009