Jon Carroll is a columnist with the San Francisco Chronicle. It's one of my holdovers (that and Peet's coffee) from my time in SF that I still read his column. A few weeks ago, he wrote a heartbreaking column about how his local Animal Shelter was shutting down for the week between Christmas and New Year's.

Well, wrong - no humans die. Animals, however, can and will die. The Oakland Animal Shelter, which is at 1101 29th Ave. (right off the Fruitvale exit of Highway 880 South) - there's a reason I'm telling you this - will have to euthanize animals that might otherwise live.

It's the roach motel dynamic - the animals check in, but they don't check out, or rather they can't check out, because no member of the public can get through the door to adopt them. I now announce my personal bias in this matter - my kitten, Pancho, was adopted from one of the OAS' mobile adoption centers, and the woman who handled the adoption was Willow Liroff, who turns out to be the capo di tutti capi of shelter volunteers.

The next day, he posted this on the WeLL

Oakland mayor Ron Dellums announced that the OAS center would stay
open after all, except for December 25 and December 26 and Jan 1, and
would be accepting animals and processing animals. No columnists were
thanked during this announcement.


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31 December 2008