This post was originally a response to @imckenna when he sent me a facebook message responding to this tweet but I ended up liking it enough to republish it here.

I kinda included snow removal, but seeing as I don't have a driveway, that really shouldn't affect things. Here's a more complete timeline.

  • 7:00 PM the night before. Try desperately to get up to my usual parking spot on the street. Can't make it. Decide to park, w/o permission, in the parking lot across the street, mainly because it's had a plow run more recently and there's only 5-10 cm of snow in one part of the lot, whereas there's at least 25 on the street.
  • 10pm Go to bed.
  • 6:10 Get up, have a shower, make coffee, get dressed.
  • 6:40 Glance out my front window, and notice the plow working on aforesaid parking lot, thinking to myself "I don't want him to call a tow-truck" I don my coat, and head out. I start sweeping and scraping.
  • 7:00 The plow nicely comes by and plows around the car, giving me the freedom to move around the parking lot a bit. Also giving him the freedom to plow out my old spot. I thank the plow driver and he proves himself a mensch by saying "Well, it was either that, or get out of the truck and help you push" The plow and I dance around the parking lot for 15-20 minutes while he opens up more of the parking lot. While there is a direct line to the street that is plowed, the street is covered with 35 cm of snow, and If I drive down the length of the street, there's a really good chance I'll get stuck. If I wait until the plow clears the lot, I only drive down about 40 ft of the street, reducing my chances of getting stuck, so I dance around with the plow.
  • 7:20. Park the car in an already cleared area, and get out to say goodbye to liz
  • 7:30 Help push a car out that got stuck on the street.
  • 7:35 Get to the corner.
  • 7:40 Finally rock the car off the snowbank that it got hung up on on the corner.

Update: I got a parking pass from the lovely people at the Good Companions center, and I made a map:

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10 December 2008