(04:09:53 PM) iws: killer koala
lazy lemur

(04:10:18 PM) netfrost: didn't we go through this the other day?
(04:10:35 PM) iws: you and matt may have, but not in channel (i don;t think)
(04:10:51 PM) netfrost: yeah it was
(04:10:56 PM) netfrost: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DevelopmentCodeNames
(04:11:00 PM) mattrose: nihilistic numbat
(04:11:06 PM) netfrost: mushy monkey?
(04:11:07 PM) netfrost: wtf
(04:11:32 PM) mattrose: better. nihilistic nene
(04:12:12 PM) mattrose: obese ocelot
(04:12:17 PM) iws: Moonlight Minnow!
(04:12:25 PM) netfrost: crackheads
(04:12:27 PM) iws: Mad Meerkat
(04:12:39 PM) mattrose: pissed off panda
(04:12:45 PM) netfrost: HAHAHA
(04:12:58 PM) iws: Queer Quail
(04:13:29 PM) iws: Rabid Raven
(04:13:44 PM) iws: Saucy Skunk
(04:13:59 PM) iws: n/m


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12 September 2008