Number 1, and least consequential, it makes me feel old.  When I lived in Somalia, they had an effective central Government.  Not fair, not just, but effective.  Number 2:  WTF?   The last time the Somalis had an effective government, the Cold War was still on.   Younger folk (like K'Na'an, an amazing hiphop artist), don't even remember a time when Somalia had a government, and have lived their whole lives in conditions too atrocious to comprehend.  My mother worked there a few years back, as a Red Cross hospital administrator.  When she saw two people shot in a hospital Mogadishu, she asked what happened, and the local administrator said:  "They were just walking down the street, and got caught in a gun battle, it happens every day" Every day.  17 years.  Damnit. BBC NEWS | World | Africa | Pirates release French yacht crew
Somalia has not had an effective central government for more than 17 years and is plagued by insecurity.


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18 June 2008