I saw this paragraph in a wired article, and it mirrors what I said on the WeLL recently about Ubuntu. I think Mark Shuttleworth is on the same wavelength as Steve Jobs. The days of the big money in computers being in the "Enterprise" Market are over. The big money in the computer and tech industry in the future will be in the consumer market. Just look at the fall of Comdex, an old-school "Computer" show, and the rise of EEE and CEbit as trade shows
When hardware and software makers were focused on winning business clients, price and interoperability were more important than the user experience. But now that consumers make up the most profitable market segment, usability and design have become priorities. Customers expect a reliable and intuitive experience — just like they do with any other consumer product.
It brought back this post I made on the WeLL
When everybody else was, and still is, aiming for the enterprise market, he went the other way. I think there is money to be made in enterprise Linux, but I think, with a critical mass, it's possible to make far more in Desktops. Shuttleworth didn't make the mistake of going public too early, like Redhat, Mandriva, and other linux companies. I think it gives him the leeway to try something harder, but with more of a long-term payoff.


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29 March 2008