Now this may not be news to anyone else, but it's news to me.  Despite my not having a cell phone, or a PC, I like to keep up on software and hardware.  I have an iPod Touch, I upgraded to Leopard very shortly after it was released.  I've been using Linux for well over 10 years. 

But I'm attached to text.  I like it.  It takes a little bit more work to accurately convey thoughts, using pure ASCII, but the payoff is way better than a/s/l ROTFLMAO LOL BRB cya :), or my favourite bullshit, fake html <sarcasm> tags.

I swear to god, it makes people sound like idiots.

Tech’s Late Adopters Prefer the Tried and True - New York Times
And on the Well, a pioneering online community founded in 1985, hundreds of people communicate using an archaic text-only system, even though a Web-based graphical interface has been available for years. “Every other online conversational space has a toolbar where you can plug in your favorite winking face,” said David Gans, a musician and radio host, who has been a member of the Well for 22 years. Mr. Gans says he uses the Well’s text interface, in part, because it helps to keep the quality of conversations high.


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13 March 2008