People ask me all the time, "Matt, why do you keep going back to Burning Man, year after year?"   The answer is, a unique mix of geekery, insanity, and debauchery.  Building intricate structures in an extremely harsh environment.  Seeing the Crazy Shit that people build there.   Getting Drunk and going out and listening to music.

A lot of the fun is the planning that goes into the entire deal.  This is harder to explain, but when my longtime well-friend and former co-worker at SFInteractive posted this on the well, I had to ask him if I could post it here.  It illustrates so many things of what I like about Burning Man.  Plus, if you're planning on attending, he's still looking for Range Safety Officers, so if you're planning on being at Burning Man, and have First Aid training, I highly suggest giving him a hand.


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26 February 2008