I just posted this on the Well, after someone else pointed out this column by one of the columnists in the local paper

 Denley's column is the same old crap the crotchety old fucker is
 always spouting off.  I can't believe the Citizen pays a columnist who has
 just noticed that the housing market in Florida is screwed, only after
 he's had the fact shoved in his face by actually going there.

 Then, to top it all off, the smug, pompous git has this to say as a

   All of that makes one appreciate Canada more. We have a federal
   government in surplus, universal health coverage and a stable housing
   market. Those are all things Americans can only dream about.

 Yeah, 'cause everything is just fucking GREAT up here.  That's why the TSX
 is down 10% over the past week, and the RIM-jobbers in my building are all
 pissed off 'cause their stock is down 50% from last monday.  Just keep
 whistling past that graveyard, fucker.


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21 January 2008