I had this fantasy in my head where I join an indie label and become a really big punk rocker who's highly respected like, say, Crass. Then I sell out and go to a major label but I hold on to my principles. My band hits it big and I become the Kurt Cobain of anarcho-punk. Then my band sticks it to the Man by teaching people about anarchist principles then I get murdered by a Christian fundamentalist. I never actually believed it could work, but then I found out that Chumbawamba did exactly that! My questions are: 1) Would you recommend other anarchists, who are adamant in thier convictions and cannot be swayed by money, to do what you did? 2) Is that even plausible? 3) Do you like Nirvana? 4) Is it pointless to spread Anarchism that way?

There's also this:
Repeat the mantra, "Music is a business, not an art." If the kids pick up on something that isn't manufactured... either strangle it at birth or create a hundred manufactured imitations with all the style but none of the content. Kids are being taught that rocknroll/pop is a career, not an artistic and creative labour of love. 99% of them will fail and end up in crap jobs and on anti-depressants. The bosses and producers will continue to get richer.


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13 June 2007