And I mean that in both senses. 

I've been in a band (never one that could get away with a rider), and I've done sound crew and stage crew stuff since I was a teenager.  In that capacity, I saw a lot of riders.  None were as funny or as informative as this one

I've always felt Road Managers lived between a rock and a hard place.  Their entire livelihood depends on how someone else "feels" on a particular day.  All they can do is have everything set up so that the performer has the best environment possible.  Which means they have to be the most demanding motherfuckers.  This manager obviously is comfortable with the fact, and has fun with it.

Favourite quotes:

1 X KORG 2000 DIGITAL RACK TUNER.  Digital in the sense that it works via an electronically generated number system, not digital because it only works if someone holds it together with their fingers.

For the sidefills, can we have two great big enormous things please, of a type that might be venerated as gods by the inhabitants of Easter Island, capable of reaching volumes that could provide the power for a Monster Truck Rally.

Can I just sat that we like to keep it as clear as possible, especially at the front?  My insurance doesn't cover me for allowing Rockstarts to fall off the front of the stage. [ ... ]  This way, Iggy can run around in his customary manner, like a crazed running-around-type-thing, and we can all relax in a haze of self-satisfied panic.

NO YAMAHAS and NO BLEEDING DIGITAL or I will chop it into a hundred pieces, and each of those pieces I will chop into a hundred pieces ... so that's like, er ... tenty hundred?  Anyway, then I will douse them in petrol and burn them.  In accordance wuth local and national guidelines on the burning of bits of shit mixer, of course.


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06 October 2006