Bloglines is my new favourite utility/web site. A long time ago I discovered blogs, but my memory is horrible, and I would go months forgetting to check them. Then I discovered RSS feed readers. Linux Feed Reader for the GNOME desktop came out, and I started using that. It's pretty good, and it integrates well into the desktop, but it has one big drawback. It's only available on the desktop, so I can't check it from where ever I am. My rule, it seems, is that everything I do has to be network-transparent. Normally, I would find an RSS reader that I could install on my website, but one doesn't seem to exist yet, really. Bloglines fits all my criteria, and will do nicely until I write my own. The other feature I like is the clippings folder. I have at least three or four more blog entries stored there. Go check it out


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18 November 2005