this is a little snippet I wrote to monitor the bugzilla server at work, and put a tray icon in my GNOME panel to tell me that there is a bug in the queue.

the code is below. there's probably some wordwrap issues.

The huge todo list.
Properly deal with when someone reassigns a bug out of the queue, and kill the notification.
properly background the process, so that I can just run it out of the gnome session manager.
have the ability to configure the icon
have the ability to pass in the filename containing the url on the command line, or pass in the url on the command line.
Later on:
Properly deal with more than one entry in the queue, and print out a list of bugnumbers and summaries. I already set up the dictionary to do this right, but I can't figure out what to do with it. I probably should look at porting libnotify to python, if no-one else has.


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12 July 2005