The Rude Pundit is my new 2nd favourite US Political blog. Nothing can beat the sheer genius of Fafblog "The world's only source of Fafblog", but this comes close.

This snippet is the start of a rant which gets much, much worse...

What Edwards Should Say (Rude Version):
If, at tonight's "debate", when Edwards is asked, "How do you believe your career as a trial lawyer affects your approach to government?", he doesn't answer, "What the fuck kind of question is that, Gwen? What the fuck are you implying? Holy fuck, have you even looked at the cases I've tried? Doesn't the press do any actual goddamn research on, say, Lexis-Nexis or even fuckin' Google? Or maybe my fuckin' book? My legal career was based on helping individuals dicked over by the very kind of corporate and government culture this evil motherfucker across this stupid ass table has fostered. And don't you fuckin' gimme that stroke victim smirk, Dick, or I'll come across and start shovin' aluminum tubes up your ass, all 60,000 of 'em, one anodized tube at a goddamn time.

The full text is below.

btw, if the rude pundit happens to come accross this, I'll take down the full text if you want.


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05 October 2004