Personal Note. Why is "Just Leaving" So hard? What's so hard about the US just taking their toys and going home.

Fake Q&A with George Bush regarding his New plan to "transfer sovereignty".

Q: What are the new five steps?
A: They are: 1. Handing over authority to a sovereign Iraqi government. 2. Establishing security. 3. Continuing to rebuild Iraq's infrastructure. 4. Moving toward a national election in Iraq.
Q: Those are good steps!
A: We are glad you like them.
Q: How are they different from the old five steps?
A: They are the same as the old five steps, but they have the newly-added quality of newness.
Q: But -
A: We are staying the course.

Q: How will security be established?
A: Quickly, and with the aid and cooperation of the Iraqi people.
Q: Wow, that sounds like a great idea, it makes me wonder why we didn't think of it before!
A: We did, but back then, that idea was an old idea. Now it sparkles with the sheen of the New. Its ridges are hard and bold and striking. Its curves are supple and smooth and inviting. It bounces with the ebullient step of youth, fresh to the world like a newborn babe.


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26 May 2004