So as I'm discovering more and more people are actually reading this thing, I decided to put my erstwhile influence to talk about something I really believe in. Like Pimping music by local bands I like. In that Vein, I bring you Matt's Record Reviews So last night I went to the CD Release Party for Chris Page's new CD Decide to stay and swim I first discovered chris page probably about a year and a half ago, and I was really struck by his music. It's very sparse, usually he goes on stage with just his Les Paul, and a really nice amp. It's all really fast-paced, stripped-down power-pop style electric guitar playing, but with no accompaniment at all, just his very good vocals on top of it. The music begs comparison to Billy Bragg, but without all the political content. Opening for Chris Page was the GoldenSeals, and Andrew Vincent and the Pirates. Read more for a review of the show. Suffice it to say, you should go out right now and buy both Chris Page's CD and AV's If you're still not convinced, check out these tracks by Chris Page and AV


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10 January 2004